New UK study shows coronavirus can survive on a mask for 5 days

As the Covid19 epidemic continues, studies of this virus, its consequences, or its capabilities are being conducted almost daily. But there are more collateral studies almost every day. A recent study examines surgical masks and tissues and tries to determine how long the virus can survive on these objects.

A study published on March 11 on Biorxiv therefore shows that this virus is more resistant than we thought, especially on surfaces. And therefore encourage people not to put an old mask on their nose! Explanations.

Mask and vaccination, weapons against the virus

The mask has become an indispensable tool in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Today it is compulsory everywhere, both outside and inside. And it’s even recommended to wear it during meals when they’re around vulnerable people. If vaccination is our only weapon today, we won’t all be vaccinated tomorrow. In the meantime, we need to look further into the masks.

What does this new study show?

Public Health England researchers have just published the results of a study on the viability of the virus on materials. You may think this is another study … of little interest! And yet, we already know that the virus is transmitted in different ways. And above all on materials and surfaces! For example, we know that we can “restore” the virus by touching a table where it would be.

The virus can survive up to 5 days on a mask. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Napoleonka

For example, this study shows that the virus can survive up to 5 days on a mask or 4 days on stainless steel. And this steel is on shopping carts, on supermarket shelves … This study then reminds us of the importance of hydroalcoholic gel when entering AND leaving a store, but also of the importance of wearing a mask.

We’re all tempted to keep our masks, including disposable ones, for the next outing! Studies have shown that they can be washed without losing their effectiveness. On the other hand, putting them on and back on for several days in a row is not a good idea! The ideal is to have a mask net, take it off every time you return, and wash them all together without putting them back on before washing!