New Zealand plans to completely ban smoking for people born after 2004

Attack the evil from the root! It’s a bit like the New Zealand government idea that could make an extraordinary health decision! Indeed, New Zealand is hoping to be the first tobacco-free country in 2025. The government has just proposed a number of very restrictive measures.

At a time when France is allowing CBD flowers to be smoked, New Zealand wants to ban tobacco to anyone born after 2004 as soon as possible. To encourage young people NEVER take their first cigarette, New Zealand will simply forbid them to sell it.

The measures put forward by the government of the country are very restrictive, it is the largest known anti-smoking plan to date, explains The Guardian. And these measures are particularly aimed at the most recent. First, by gradually increasing the legal age for buying cigarettes. Then by a total ban and for everyone in 2025. Tobacco use is therefore banned for anyone born after 2004.

“We need a new approach,” said Deputy Health Minister Dr. Ayesha Verrall. “About 4,500 New Zealanders die of tobacco every year and we need to accelerate progress to achieve this goal (…) without a tobacco control program.” Don’t take us there. “”

Among other things, the government plans to lower the nicotine content allowed in products and to ban nylon filters, which are very polluting and very harmful. But also to significantly reduce the number of sales outlets. With the aim of reducing tobacco-related diseases, and cancer in particular, from which 4,500 New Zealanders die each year.

“These apparent injustices are why we must protect future generations from the harm caused by tobacco.” Photo credit: Shutterstock / Rose Makin

While healthcare institutions are welcoming this project, they are also wondering about the possible development of a parallel market. Tobacco sellers, for their part, fear sales that are reduced to nothing or almost entirely. In late March, the Cancer Society launched a petition calling for a significant reduction in the number of tobacco stores. “Significantly reducing the availability of tobacco in our communities is one of the two essential steps the government must take in its plan to meet our smoke-free 2025 goal. The other is eliminating nicotine from cigarettes so that they no longer create addiction. Explains ASPIRE’s Professor Richard Edwards.

According to figures, New Zealand has 500,000 smokers out of 5 million people. And the Maori people appear to be hardest hit by the harmful effects of tobacco. Cancer is the first killer in women and the second in men. “These blatant injustices are why we must protect future generations from the harm caused by tobacco,” Lucy Elwood, executive director of the Cancer Society, said in a statement. “Tobacco is the most harmful consumer product in history and must be phased out.”

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