Nicolas Sarkozy on TF1 News: “How can we convict a man after seven years of investigation without a shadow of evidence?”

Two days after the announcement of his sentence in the so-called “wiretapping” affair, Nicolas Sarkozy was a guest on the TF1 news at 8:00 pm on Wednesday evening. He answered Gilles Bouleau’s questions.

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy, sentenced to three years, including one year, in prison this Monday March 1st for corruption and manipulation of peddling in the so-called “wiretapping” affair, returned from 8:00 pm during the JT TF1 returned in detail to that judgment this Wednesday, March 3rd.

“It’s an injustice”

Regarding the wiretapping ruling, the former president said he was “used to being harassed for 10 years”. “It has been 10 years and significant resources have been used to blame me. I have come to tell the French that I have always accepted my responsibility. It is an injustice and I will not bow my head How can we convict a man after seven years of investigation without a shadow of evidence? “Asked the former President of the Republic.

Nicolas Sarkozy claims: “How can you mobilize the criminal court for three weeks in a corruption case in which there is no penny, no victim, no disturbance of public order?” However, he claims to have “shown good faith on all counts”.

“The rule of law has been disregarded because it is me”

Regarding his relationship with the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF), the former President of the Republic affirmed “to respect this institution” and to know “to distinguish between the behavior of some and an institution”. “I trust the vast majority of judges. There are just rules of law that have been disregarded because I am,” he says. “I do not call for the dissolution of an institution”.

On the #PNF

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“I know the difference between the behavior of some and an institution. I have never spoken of political justice (…) I will not fall into the trap of a political struggle against an institution that respects it.”

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– TF1LeJT (@ TF1LeJT) March 3, 2021

Nicolas Sarkozy is categorical about a possible return to politics: “I have no will to return to politics. I turned this page. But I did not turn the page on France: I will pay attention to the situation in the country.” With regard to the health situation in the country in connection with the Covid-19 epidemic, there is “only one solution: vaccination. The problem is not containment, but the virus. We have to vaccinate day and night, 7 days a week.”

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“I don’t have the will to go back to politics, I turned the page (…) But that doesn’t mean that I turned the page about France (…) When I know the candidates I will tell who I am support “

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– TF1LeJT (@ TF1LeJT) March 3, 2021