Nike brings Refurbisher to market and recycles worn out shoes to resell them at low prices

Obviously, if you want to buy a pair of Nike shoes from the brand’s website today, all you can find is new shoes. If you’re in the mood for used Nike, you’ll have to resort to thrift stores like Le Bon Coin, Vinted or MarketPlace Facebook!

But tomorrow you can buy “Nike Refurbished”, a new service from the equipment manufacturer that is committed to recycling … Finally, you could say! Nike will therefore offer for sale shoes that have already been worn or that have small defects but have been refurbished! And of course with a discount!

The Nike Refurbished service is already available in some stores in the US and will soon be available in around fifteen stores. Nike’s childhood in the circular economy should become commonplace if the brand’s claims are to be believed. In fact, Nike wants to expand the concept to all stores in the world.

How it works ?

Specifically, Nike would like to receive the shoes returned by customers within 60 days of purchase. Nike has two months to return a pair of shoes, even if they have already been worn. Once collected, the used shoes are divided into three categories:

Like new, for shoes worn once or twice. Easily used for those who already show some signs of wear. With an aesthetic defect such as a tear (or stain) from manufacturing. Shoes returned by customers within 60 days of purchase. Photo credit: Shutterstock / gresei

The shoes are then disinfected, cleaned, refurbished, and then returned to the store, which can resell them at a lower price. The shoes returned, but considered too obsolete, are offered to charities. And when there is really nothing left to do for the shoes, they are shredded and then recycled.

A great initiative of the American giant, which is apparently committed to a sustainable economy … We are convinced that the Nike Refurbished will find their customers all over the world!

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