Nine first Covid-19 cases in New Caledonia, two weeks of strict containment

The essentials The first cases of Covid were discovered in New Caledonia. Local authorities have announced the introduction of a strict two-week lockdown

Nine first cases of Covid-19 were discovered in New Caledonia on Sunday, where the President of the local government and the High Commissioner of the Republic announced a strict two-week prison sentence. These cases were identified through research conducted following the discovery of the first indigenous case the day before in the neighboring archipelago of Wallis and Futuna.

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However, there is a health bubble between the two areas so travelers can move around freely. “According to the first information, the patient (in Wallis and Futuna) would have developed symptoms in mid-February and could therefore be contaminated in Wallis and Futuna by the end of January,” Thierry Santa told the press, President of the Caledonian government.

Strictly limited to two weeks

This patient, who would be a school principal, is in serious condition and could be evacuated to Noumea hospital, we have heard from confirmatory sources. “This is a person who had not had a fortnight a few weeks ago after testing negative. This person has seen a doctor for symptoms and tested positive, which means the virus is circulating in the patient. Insel,” said Hervé Jonathan , chief administrator (prefect). from Wallis and Futuna on Sunday.

Thierry Santa asked “all people who have returned from Wallis-and-Futuna (in New Caledonia) since January 25th to isolate themselves and come forward by calling 15”. In addition to Laurent Prévost, High Commissioner of the Republic in New Caledonia, Thierry Santa announced “a strict restriction on the population from Monday evening for two weeks with the clear aim of interrupting the transmission of the virus while there is still time”.

So far, New Caledonia and Wallis-and-Futuna have been among the few areas on the planet without Covid, thanks especially to the mandatory fourteen days in hotels required for everyone who arrives. As of the current state of investigation, authorities do not know how the virus got into Wallis and Futuna.