“No New Delivery” Before the End of the School Year, Macron’s Promise to Students

The essentials “There should be no new delivery until the end of the school year,” committed the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, this Tuesday during a video intervention in a course in historical geography for students.

On the first day of school at home, version 3, President Macron invited himself to a distance learning course, a virtual history-geography course for students. A way to mark the start of this week of closed classes that have also suffered from numerous technical issues related to an attack and server saturation.

Everything was working normally on the Elysée side. The head of state was able to discuss with 18 3rd grade students at Itard d’Oraison College (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) and tell our colleagues from Paris. “I wanted to thank you for adapting to the current situation. I know it is not easy,” he said in particular. The course was dedicated to General de Gaulle during World War II.

“We will do everything we can to avoid that”

When a student asked the president if “there would be another delivery before the end of the year,” Emmanuel Macron replied, “We will do everything we can to avoid this. I often say that the master of time is the virus, but I do.” I really want the school to stay open as much as possible. ”At the end of that class closure period (3 to 4 weeks depending on graduation, including the holidays),“ We ​​believe we have the virus slowed down and vaccinated almost everywhere have accelerated. This will enable us. ” being in a more comfortable situation “and” catching the virus if necessary between braking and vaccination, “he said.

“And so I think there shouldn’t be a new delivery until the end of the school year,” continued the President of the Republic. An announcement that can reassure those who fear an extension of this third detention.