No, Public Health France does not offer a free containment kit!

If the health crisis we are currently experiencing has resulted in great innovation, it has also resulted in a lot of scams! Attention, the government website Cybermalveillance.gouv warns of a new online fraud. This scam, which plays on the fear-inducing side of the health crisis, offers a containment kit that is also very interesting financially.

This kit, supposedly from Public Health France, offers a comprehensive kit of objects for only € 1.99! Be careful, this is a phishing site! You will not be charged $ 1.99, you will never receive your kit, but your banking information will be hacked!

What is the fraud like?

You will receive an email from Public Health France offering you a kit with 100 FFP2 masks, 10 bottles of hydroalcoholic gel, 200 medical gloves, 50 antibacterial sprays, two first aid kits and even a thermometer. All for 1.99 €! Even if it smells like scams, some people might think it’s good business!

Sante publique France does not offer a health package!

Specifically: This email has to be in the trash! If you click on, you will be redirected to a form in which you will be asked to pay the shipping costs (1.99 €) stating your bank details! This offer was already in place during the first detention, but the state services had broken the chain by finding the hosting site.

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Follow our advice 👇 @ SantePubliqueFr

– (@cybervictimes) March 11, 2021

The offer was back a few days ago! Currently the address of the phishing site is: Don’t click, don’t request, this is a scam!

No, Public Health France does not offer a free containment kit!

What if you clicked?

Cybermalveillance has extensive support for those who clicked “Make a request”. For those who did not respond but received the email, Cybermalveillance is requesting the report through SignalSpam in order to be able to return to the hosting site! Stay on your guard, the pirates are what you might call “war profiteers” … and they are ready to play with any sensitive chord to extract your banking information and money!

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