Nordahl Lelandais trial: the strange hearing of an ex-girlfriend of the accused

The essentials The morning hearing of the ex-comrades of Nordahl Lelandais has just come to an end on the occasion of his trial at the Assizes for the murder of the young sergeant Arthur Noyer in 2017.

“He tried to kill me”: The last morning testimony to hearings devoted to Nordahl Lelandais’ ex-comrades caused a stir in the Assize Court of Chambéry on Tuesday, but was even questioned by the prosecution itself . Known in the press for her statements under the pseudonym “Karine”, the young woman described an “attacker” to the court. She lost her words in the midst of tears and claimed that she was “scared” by him.

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She filed two complaints against her, which were dismissed

On the second day of the trial of her former companion for the murder of Arthur Noyer, “Karine” stated that she had lodged two complaints against him and had gone to the gendarmerie four times because of him. She assured us that the trial was still ongoing. However, the General Counsel stated that her complaints had been rejected and notified, while the woman in the white coat affirmed that she would find out at the bar.

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In the sequel, the lawyer of the defendant Alain Jakubowicz will thank the public prosecutor’s office for his “loyalty” and read a love letter from Nordahl Lelandais addressed to this “Karine”. His client looks at his feet. The witness had previously described the “grotesque lies” of her husband at the time.

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“When I knew him, he was a French-Thai boxing champion; his father was a doctor.” She also says that during the breakup of their relationship in late 2016, early 2017, she tried to warn another woman with whom the accused was flirting: it is a dangerous man, “Mythomaniac”, who recorded her testimony.

“He threatened my relatives”

The morning started with less passion with the testimony of a woman who was 17 to 20 years old between 2012 and 2015 and who regularly saw Nordahl Lelandais in her car to make love. “We saw each other. We knew what we had to do and what to do next time,” she said laconically in court.

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Another, who lived with him for two months, had met him because of their mutual interest in Malinois dogs and reported a “hard and violent separation” from Nordahl Lelandais. “We were on the same wavelength,” she says, and to identify intense and always consenting sexual activity.

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In a few months, she notices the arrival of jealousy, sometimes frustration, before threatening her with anger during the breakup. “I’ll get you to eat the tiles!” He would have explained then. “I did not file a complaint because I was afraid. He threatened my relatives,” said the young woman.

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