OX One: The electric motorcycle in Cafe Racer style from OX Motorcycles is ready for series production

This information will delight fans of electric two-wheelers. As our colleagues at Carandbike claim, the OX One from OX Motorcycles will soon go into production. Note that this is the young Spanish company’s first electric motorcycle. All the more interesting is the fact that this news about the start-up was provided by the company’s CEO himself.

An almost finished project

The OX One will apparently focus on ruggedness, at least if Adrian Gonzales is to be believed. “There is still a lot to be done: sketching the tank and its lines, the finishing touches, the color and the logo. But we have achieved the most important thing: The OX One is a robust, reliable product that is representative of our concept and that you have supported unconditionally, ”said the CEO of OX Motorcycles. Granted, the design of the machine is not fully completed yet, but it turns out that the project is almost complete and therefore it will soon enter the production phase.

A promising start

OX Motorcycles’ first café-racer-style electric motorcycle features a sturdy frame that houses a set of replaceable batteries. The latter’s location also allows it to have a center of gravity low enough for good road holding.

Photo credit: OX motorcycles

The saddle is flat and there is talk of a round LED headlight, not to mention the imposing fake fuel tank. The OX One generally uses a design that is both simple and minimalist. A promising start for a company that has just made its entry into the world of electric two-wheelers.

Photo credit: OX motorcycles

A top speed of 110 km / h

On the technical side, the OX One will have a brushless 8 kW electric motor or the equivalent of 11 PS as well as two 72 V 30 Ah batteries. This setup is said to provide a range of up to 100 km on a single full charge. The motorcycle has an empty weight of 140 kg and offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

An exact date has not been disclosed regarding the release. Nevertheless, OX Motorcycles ensures that those who pre-order the machine now via their website can expect delivery from next September. After all, you know that the OX One is priced at € 5,200.

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