Papacito answers Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “I am flawless”

The essentials After the controversy over the video of the polemicist Papacito “Is the left bulletproof?”, which, according to Jean-Luc Mélechon, called for “murder”, the Youtuber Valeurs Current gave an almost 40-minute interview. La Dépêche du Midi has looked at it and summarized it for you.

It is a successful spotlight for the polemicist Papacito. His video, “Is Leftism Bulletproof?” went to social media on Monday June 7th. And for good reason, in an isolated excerpt from Insoumis, we see how the Youtubeur photographs a model with the image of a “leftist”.

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After the press conference of Jean-Luc Mélechon, who denounced a “call to murder”, it is Papacito’s turn to speak in his own video. And it is, unsurprisingly, Valeurs Actuelles magazine that spoke to him for 40 minutes.

In this interview or this monologue, the polemicist returned to the origins of his video, but also to the grievances of France, as he says, and the current issues with the “weakness of the left” as a common thread.

“A provocative but humorous video”

In order to contradict the desire for “calls for murder”, as denounced by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the polemicist explains that it is a problem that is linked to a selection of sequences that he does not advocate. “The deceptive gathering [dont il accuse la France Insoumise ] makes this video horrible. ”At the same time, he justifies his role in the French channels:“ I’m a polemicist, that’s my job. It’s a provocative video, we mustn’t hide our faces, but it’s a humorous video, ”he affirmed … An argument that is regularly made by the extreme right when it hits the red line.

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Papacito returns to this controversy relaxed with the impression that “after the joke, he has been called too much to the headmaster of the school”, he explains to the journalist with a smile.

Even more, with his video causing so much turmoil, one forgets in his eyes Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s remarks about the pre-election attacks. The first political “analysis” of his interview. But not the only one …

“I say it, in the video there is absolutely no call to shoot people on the left and even less to Jean-Luc Mélechon, I would never have allowed myself that. I am impeccable,” continues t before attempting explain this famous video.

For this content creator, it was only intended to show what would happen to a left against arms and for immigration in the face of a terrorist attack. “I come as spoilsport because I say there is a problem,” boasts the polemicist with this worn-out caricature.

After explaining Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s “Don’t care” for ten minutes while he published the full biography of the Insubordinate, Papacito offers his sociological “analysis” of violence. In summary: nuclear war, katana, fellatio, the submissive and the rebellious …

“Problems of the Chicks”

Reissued by the journalist from Valeurs Actuelles, he tries to explain in detail in his history of civilization how and why Islam and the republic are in his eyes incompatible with a God above political institutions.

As aggressively against democracy as against the Muslim religion, he sends the two of them one after the other with more than restrictive remarks. “Marianne with her bulging chest, I want to tear her to pieces,” he sums up and attacks the symbol of the French republic. And this is only the first misogynist statement under the guise of anti-republicanism.

When asked by the journalist why, in his opinion, society has become so “hysterical”, Papacito merely replies “because society has been feminized”. Here we are. Established by the origin of the word: “the law of the womb”. “What is displeasing in this video is that we are reminding the feminized and weak left that it is,” he adds.

“Chicks’ problems” while the men, they, would do real things. “It begins in proportions that are reminiscent of women’s arguments”, according to Papacito, this is the reason for the controversies, which also affect him but others, such as his friend Zemmour, whose “political courage” he praises.

The video ends with the “Boomers” (a generation that includes those born between 1943 and 1960, editor’s note), the end of the rule of the “well-meaning 68ers” who built a society that “in c .. . “begins. What does he want to be proof of?

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