Paris: A motorist was arrested after deliberately hitting a pedestrian

the basics The scene, filmed by pedestrians on Monday afternoon, May 31, is extremely violent. Several videos were posted on social networks while the victim, who was hit twice, walked slightly injured.

A driver deliberately hit a pedestrian twice on Monday, May 31, in the afternoon in Paris. At around 2:50 p.m. on the Champs-Elysées, an argument broke out between a pedestrian and a motorist, which was filmed by passers-by.

The origin of the dispute between the two men is currently unknown. The driver was arrested and the victim was taken to hospital with minor ankle and hand injuries, reports Le Figaro.

One reverse gear to hit him a second time

Several videos posted on social networks show the argument between a man and a motorist who was stopped near the Louis Vuitton store on the most beautiful avenue in the world. In these videos, we see the pedestrian stepping against the front of the vehicle, facing the advancing car. The driver then deliberately hit him several meters long and injured his ankle in the process.

In another video we see the driver reversing to meet the pedestrian again, who this time was hit in the hand.

The police, who were already there, tried in vain to stop the driver. The police then decide to interrupt life to get him out of his vehicle. He is then taken to the police station.

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