Parkinson’s: a revolutionary combination that drastically reduces tremors

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease that is characterized by the destruction of a certain population of neurons. To date, there is no treatment that prevents neuron degeneration, only a few solutions to slow the effects of Parkinson’s disease.

According to Inserm, 100,000 people in France are affected by this debilitating disease. Expluse, a Swedish company, offers with the Mollii suit a working medical neuromodulation device that can be put on like a piece of clothing. This therapeutic combination consists of a pair of pants and a jacket with 58 electrodes running through them, which electrically stimulate 40 body muscles. Hope for the sick?

What is Exopulse?

Parkinson’s disease causes muscle tremors that sometimes make life impossible. Inability to eat or walk alone. EXOPULSE by Mollii Suit enables you to regain a certain autonomy through muscle stimuli.

The low-frequency electrical stimulation relieves painful muscle spasms without the patient having to exert themselves. The combination not only reduces or even makes tremors go away, but also relieves pain associated with muscle tension. Since the frequency of the electrical stimulation is adjustable, the muscles are also activated to facilitate their contractions.

Who is Exopulse for?

Mollii Suit is intended for, but not limited to, Parkinson’s patients. It can help anyone who has muscle disorders: cerebral palsy, muscle tension, stroke, hemiplegia or multiple sclerosis. The suit adapts to all body types as it is available from child size (104 cm) to size 5XL.

Anders Karlsso n, 51, “has lived with muscle pain since birth”. Image credit: Exopulse

The suit dresses like a piece of clothing and can be worn under all circumstances. There is simply an on-off button to start electrical stimulation. Using the combination for 60 minutes would have beneficial effects on the patient for 48 hours.

Exopulse how does it work?

The combination stimulates the spastic muscle antagonist. That said, if the biceps are spastic, it will be the triceps that the Exopulse suit will stimulate … This leads to the flexibility of the biceps. This is known as mutual inhibition.

However, Exopulse also reduces the strength of the nerve signal required for muscle contraction, which results in less stress on the muscles. And obviously, by acting on these two principles, the pain is reduced thanks to electrical stimulation.

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