Pas-de-Calais: The mayor is marrying a couple he has evicted from his own home

The essentials A couple from Pas-de-Calais, who were evicted from their house two years ago because of the cracks, have just been married by the mayor who ordered them to leave the house.

You experienced the worst two years ago and now you live your best. Dorine and Jérémy, a couple from Leforest in Pas-de-Calais, got married last Saturday. You know the mayor who celebrated your union well. And for good reason: he had evicted the couple from the house where he lived.

It was September 2019. The house where Dorine and Jérémy live is dangerously cracked due to the drought over the past few years. Ground movements make the house too dangerous, explains La Voix du Nord. The mayor is then forced to issue a dangerous decree that will expel the couple from their home.

To make matters worse for Dorine and Jérémy, the state does not recognize the state of the natural disaster in the city of Leforest. Consequence: The claim is not insured. Since then, the city has appealed this decision to the administrative court.

Since their displacement, the young couple has left the city to settle in Sin-le-Noble near Douai in the north. But he really wanted to get married in Leforest.

Mayor Christian Musial wished Dorine and Jérémy that this marriage would be “a lucky charm”.

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