Pekin Express: A drunk homestay candidate makes internet users happy

The essential “Pekin Express” left Africa for Greece in the episode that aired this Tuesday evening on M6. The couple had to face the Greeks who were suspicious of Covid-19. You could also try Greek hospitality.

The Covid-19 caught up with “Pekin Express”. The first three episodes aired on M6 took place in East Africa. With the first delivery in March 2020, the shooting of the game was suddenly interrupted, forcing the contestants and production to urgently return to France.

In the episode broadcast on Tuesday evening, the couple left Africa for Greece. The production of “Pekin Express” found this fallback solution and started shooting last September. A change never seen in the game that forced them to completely rethink the circuit and prepare for it in a month and a half, which typically takes eight months between scouting and authorization requests.

From the very first trials, the Greeks were suspicious. Even when the couples wore the mask, there were seldom residents hitchhiking or accommodating them on the Covid-19 for the night.

By searching and persisting, couples were able to eat or sleep with locals like Aurore and Jonathan, the couple from the north. Nikolas, a local liquor maker, shared his artisanal grape drink with them. From the very first drink, this has an immediate effect on the couple, who widen their eyes, cough, and even cry after Aurore. The high alcohol content won’t stop Jonathan, who will be drinking a range of drinks encouraged by the Greek host. “My head is spinning, it’s poof,” comments Jonathan. With a rested head, Jonathan explains: “I was sharing”. “You were drunk, you weren’t into sharing!” Corrects Aurore.

The sequence greatly amused Internet users, especially the justification given by Jonathan who claimed to be “in the sharing”.

Change of country requires, “Pekin Express” was renamed “The Road to the Three Continents” on Tuesday evening. She will lead the couple to Istanbul. The four candidates from the Great South – Arnaud and Pierre-Louis der Lot-et-Garonnais and Florent and Noël, the Catalan colleagues – continue the adventure. Next Tuesday on the program: bungee jumping.