People who do housework are less likely to develop dementia later

Housekeeping would be beneficial to the brain. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Prostock-Studio

Don’t you like gardening, vacuuming, or shopping? Well, it is a shame when you “delegate” all of his tasks because they are beneficial for your brain health! And this is not an imaginative guess that leads us to say so, but rather a scientific study published in the journal BMC Geriatrics carried out by the Rotman Research Institute (RRI) in Canada.

Researchers find remarkable differences between people who have done chores during their lifetime. These would be better protected against the occurrence of neurodegenerative diseases and dementia! All the housework, your brain will thank you for it!

The basics of the study

The researchers analyzed the relationships between “housework”, cognition and brain volume in a group of 66 people. The participants were all older but had no cognitive problems. To conduct this study, participants underwent several tests over three visits:

Structural Brain MRIs Cognitive Assessment Medical Assessment Clearing Up as a Family. Photo credit: Shutterstock /

Then they answered questionnaires about their household habits:

Spending time in the garden cooking groceries shopping

The bottom line

The conclusion seems final! Those who spend most of their time doing chores are said to have more brain volume. And that difference would be in the frontal lobe and in the hippocampus. It is precisely these two parts of the brain that play an important role in memory and learning.

You don’t know what to do this weekend. If you haven’t done it before, do the housework by telling yourself you are working for your age … and to keep your brain as vigilant as possible! For example, what cleaning has not only a negative side!

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