Pepita says she was “very angry” after repeating pictures from the pyramid show

The key images of the game “Pyramid”, which was re-broadcast on Tuesday evening in the program “Canap 95” on TMC, sparked an avalanche of comments in social networks, calling it “sexism” and “racism”. In an interview with Le Parisien, the former host Pepita was outraged about the use of these archive images.

She had disappeared from the media for twenty years. Here she is in front of the stage again in spite of herself. Former TV presenter Pepita, now 48, gave the Parisian an interview. She reacts to the storm that has occurred on social networks since Tuesday evening. Archive images of the television game “Pyramid”, in which she participated for years, that were broadcast on the program “Canap 95” on TMC come into question.

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# Canap95: The popular game show was “Pyramid”, where Pepita handed out the prizes to the winners. And today, when we look at the pictures, we tell ourselves that it shouldn’t be easy for her every day …

– Daily (@Qofficiel) March 30, 2021

The editing of these videos shows them in sometimes delicate positions, encouraging them to sit on a candidate’s knees, for example, or in the grip of many jokes about their skin color. The Twittosphere was outraged by this treatment. Pepita also mentioned her colleague in an interview with Le Parisien, but not for the same reasons.

“You wanted to do the buzz, it’s scandalous”

“They passed me off as the black woman suffering from racism, who didn’t have the choice of having a job … Where do we go? Who should they speak for me? That I can tell whether I suffered or not something! “she rebelled. The former hostess said she was “very angry and very disappointed”. “The consequences are extremely violent for both me and my relatives. To use myself for this, I disagree, given the current tensions in the country over these issues. They did not respect me. They wanted to stir the excitement, that’s all It’s scandalous. ”

According to her, the “Canap 95” program was a wrong target: “Reality was not at all the one. We laughed heartily among ourselves about it. There was no misunderstanding, nor listened. If there is a place where I still have never experienced disrespect, misogyny or racism. It is located on the pyramid plateau. “