Perpignan: A 55-year-old woman dies in a fire, her ex-companion in police custody for murder

The basics A 54-year-old man was arrested on Sunday in Perpignan for murder. His ex-partner died on Saturday night in the fire in her apartment. Witnesses reported his presence.

Has a new feminicide emerged in Perpignan this weekend? A 54-year-old man was in police custody for murder that Sunday evening. He is questioned by the PFY of Perpignan about the fire that killed his ex-girlfriend that weekend.

The fire broke out overnight from Saturday to Sunday. Around 12:15 p.m., residents of the Moulin-à-Vent district called for help. Flames escape from a three-story building. Thirty-five firefighters, three delivery trucks, and five ambulances were sent to the scene. Upon arrival, an apartment on the first floor is on fire.

Firefighters find a 55-year-old woman in the apartment. She was badly burned and taken to the Perpignan Hospital Center. She died of her injuries a few hours later.

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At the scene of the incident, “some witnesses reported the presence of a man at the time of the facts,” said Jean-David Cavaillé, the independent prosecutor of Perpignan. This man is said to have left the scene in a hurry after the fire broke out. The description of the witnesses corresponds to the victim’s ex-companion.

The man was spotted that Sunday afternoon in Perpignan, Avenue de Céret, not far from the scene of the accident. The Perpignan City Police proceeded to arrest him. The police will question him and check his schedule. At the same time, the victim’s body must undergo an autopsy.

Perpignan prosecutors have opened an investigation into murder by a spouse.