Personal help fights for recruitment in Tarn-et-Garonne

Bérengère Leduc, head of the Axéo Services agency in Montauban, has just been appointed delegate of the Federation for Personal and Local Services (Fédésap) for Tarn-et-Garonne. For fifteen years in the field of domestic help, this professional in the branch has particularly wanted to improve the image of the profession.

You have just been appointed Department Delegate for Fédésap, a position previously unavailable in Tarn-et-Garonne.

As the head of the Axéo Services agency in Montauban, I worked closely with Jean-Thomas Rougeron, the regional delegate for Occitanie, for five years. The fact that we now have a representative who knows the area is obviously an advantage and allows for better representation of the seven private private service structures in Tarn-et-Garonne.

What will your priority be for the next three years?

Most of all, the biggest work will be improving trades as we cannot hire staff. The result is national, but the department is no exception to this phenomenon.

How can you explain it?

It is primarily a question of the image. Personal services are not really jobs that attract and make people dream. Unattractive wages, staggered hours … this is also associated with many restrictions. The training also needs to be better adapted. However, we have jobs that have a “future”: there will always be older people, and home support is becoming increasingly important. The problem today is not having customers, but people. The health crisis has only intensified this observation.

Has the health context affected the activity of personal services?

During the first delivery, many of our beneficiaries were frightened. So it was complicated for us. But confidence has returned. We have stepped up health measures when traveling home. The decline in activity was mainly felt in childcare. Parents work more, there is less demand. For the rest (domestic help, gardening, cleaning, etc.) the activity was kept. In terms of training, the situation is somewhat complex in certain areas. For example, care gestures cannot be captured by video.

Is Tarn-et-Garonne well insured for personal services?

There is no white space in the department when it comes to services to users. Private structures and the public sector form a large network of the territory. In particular, this made it possible to maintain links with the isolated population in a predominantly rural area during this particular period.