Pfizer vaccine: the European Union strengthens its order

Brussels has just activated an option to order 100 million additional doses of the Pfizer vaccine, the American laboratory announced yesterday. A total of 600 million cans are therefore expected in 2021.

So far, the Union had programmed 500 million cans, which made Pfizer-BioNTech by far the leading provider of the 27 cans. For comparison: AstraZeneca is expected to dispense 300 million cans. But the repeated setbacks of the Anglo-Swedish vaccine and the delay in the firing of Janssen have apparently convinced the European executive to increase their vaccine stocks at Pfizer.

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In fact, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla recalled yesterday that his teams had met delivery deadlines and even exceeded targets: “We plan to deliver 250 million doses to the EU in the second quarter, four times the im 1st quarter agreed amount “.

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