Photo Prints: Here are pro tips

Not a graphic designer? With these few tips you can create a professional photo book… Follow the instructions!

Would you like your last Valentine’s Day or dream vacation to be printed on glossy paper? This is a good idea because most of the photos you take remain on the hard drive today and you won’t enjoy the touch of glossy paper anymore.

However, creating a beautiful photo album isn’t impossible, and it’s actually very easy to create online … you still need to know some simple tips so that your photo book has the stuff a professional could have made. If you follow these few tips, more than one will be amazed and your memories will last forever.

How do I create a photo album?

You’re not necessarily a graphic designer, but you can let your creativity run wild. First of all, you need to choose the right format for your photo book. Indeed, for a vacation in the sun (or in the mountains) that inevitably includes great scenery, it is better to go with a landscape format. Logic. For an extraordinary rendering, do not hesitate to put your landscapes on a double page.

They will then be highlighted. If, on the other hand, you dedicate your photo book to your Valentine’s Day, portrait mode can better suit your needs … A pretty table with hearts or a romantic selfie look better in portrait mode than in landscape mode. You don’t just have to include photos in a photo book. Why not a map of the place you visited or the entrance to a museum you liked? This gives your photo book character!

Keep the same design!

If you like photo books, you’ll want to create these for each of your getaways or all of your events. If possible, keep the same format, design, font … It’s a detail, but it becomes your trademark … If you choose to write on the fringes of “Spain 2010”, keep the momentum going upright on future trips.

You can also choose a different design for your event collection: Baptism, 50 Years, etc. So if your albums are carefully kept on a shelf in your library, you will end up with a unified collection that is easy on the eye.

Leave spaces!

It’s easy to believe that a perfect album has to be filled with photos of all kinds and in all directions. Not necessarily ! A single photo on a white background gives it more relief and enhances it much more than colored backgrounds. Use your best photos for these montages. Most online editing programs like Photobox’s offer the ability to assess the quality of your images as soon as they are uploaded. If the quality isn’t on top don’t print it, the rendering will get pixelated and you will be disappointed.

Harmonized colors!

Typically, when you create a photo album, you want to put all of the photos in it to mix things up … in short, to take as many pictures as possible. Mistake, the rendering will be rough! Better take the time to select the photos page by page and keep a color code for each page. For example, if you decide that your central photo is a mountain landscape dominated by green, keep the same hue for the photos on the side … Forget the mulled wine that was taken on the terrace of refuge and save it for one another page that you can devote to local gastronomy!

Stick to a specific timeline

A photo book should be read like a report! On the cover picture, the color is shown on the start picture! Then classify your photos in the order of your vacation … without naming your pages “Day 1”, “Day 2” etc.

A little too cheesy, maybe. Keep the logic of your vacation just like in real life … wouldn’t you think of putting dessert before the entry in your Valentine’s Day book? Do the same with your travels! You can easily track the progress of your antics.

Use the tools offered!

All photo album creation websites have a little editing or filtering software. Don’t hesitate to crop your photos using the 1/3, 2/3 method. Your central object should never be in the middle of your shot. 1/3 left if interest is right and vice versa. Crop, contrast, light up your photos, they will only get more beautiful. Also choose good quality photo paper. Granted, it costs a little more, but your photos will be embellished and most importantly, more durable.

Label your photos, but not too much!

As with a scrapbooked paper book, you can add captions to some of your photos. Prefer small sentences or small patterns that highlight the event or location … Forget the long sentences and hearts everywhere that attract other attention than in your photos.

What if the photo book doesn’t appeal to you?

While the photo book remains the product of choice for consumers, there are now many media that can be used to include photos.

For Grandmother’s Day, which is coming soon, offer a nice mug with the photo of the grandchildren … A little out of date? Not really, a grandma is always happy to have her grandchildren everywhere!

A personalized case with your pet’s photo? It’s to everyone’s taste, but it allows you to change up classic cases with a photo you care about … the same goes for the photo of your sweetheart or your car!

Once you’ve mastered photography for landscapes or macros, don’t resist the urge to draw your most beautiful shots on canvas. It is possible to take beautiful pictures with high quality photos. Photography is considered the eighth art in the art world. Let your creativity run free and keep your best memories on glossy paper. It’s still nicer than a computer screen, isn’t it?

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