Pierre Ménès: “I’ll never get caught doing it.”

The essentials Football columnist Pierre Ménès, who was accused of sexual assault against fellow journalists in a documentary, reacted and explained himself. He expressed his “deep regrets” and gave his version of the two attacks on which he was accused.

The day after a documentary about sexism in sports journalism was broadcast on Canal + and allegations of censorship against the encrypted channel trying to protect its star columnist, Pierre Ménès spoke on Monday evening to express his “deep regrets” about his past behavior share sisters.

The passages that involved him in two sexual assault cases were cut from the final version of the documentary, according to The Days website. One of the passages was finally broadcast in the program “Touche pas à mon poste” (TPMP) on C8 (Canal + Group), which Pierre Ménès received.

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Of “deep regret”

The columnist attempted to commit an act of repentance by expressing “deep regret” and believing that “anything that (he) is accused of is intolerable in the software of 2021”. “I’ll never get caught doing it,” he said, considering that since the #Metoo movement we can’t say anything, we can’t do anything anymore.

The documentary “I’m not a bitch, I’m a journalist” by Marie Portolano, a former internal journalist leaving for M6, aired on Sunday on Canal +, traces more than 40 years of struggle for parity in this very masculine sector, between condescending looks , Comments on physical, even harassment. From Nathalie Iannetta to Clémentine Sarlat to Estelle Denis, many journalists testified at the microphone of the co-director, who, according to Les Jours, was herself the victim of sexual assault by Pierre Ménès.

In August 2016, at the end of a program at Canal Football Club, the columnist lifted her skirt before grabbing her buttocks “out of the air but in front of the public,” the online media affirmed. Facts that have been partially disputed by Pierre Ménès, who only admitted to pulling up the journalist’s skirt.

u2b1b “I’m not a slut” is a documentary about the place of women in sports journalism. Marie Portolano, their director, tells us about it.
Discover it on Sunday March 21st at 6:05 pm, only on CANAL +. pic.twitter.com/qNAwZLCvnH

– CANAL + (@canalplus) March 17, 2021

A journalist kissed violently

The other case concerns his colleague Isabelle Moreau, who forcibly kissed Pierre Ménès on the mouth to “celebrate” the centenary of Canal Football Club in 2011, a scene visible on social networks.

“In the first version” of the documentary, Marie Portolano shows these images “Isabelle Moreau on a tablet who bursts into tears when they see each other”. According to the website, a sequence that was cut at “the request of the Canal + sports management”. Likewise, those in whom Marie Portolano Pierre Ménès confronted Isabelle Moreau’s tears and her own aggression would have been removed, as would all interventions by male journalists.

A “wave of hatred” complains about Pierre Ménès

In the face of a flurry of outraged responses on social networks with more than 55,000 tweets tied to the #PierreMenesOut keyword (Monday night at 10 p.m.), the columnist changed his tone that evening. He called himself the object of a “wave of hatred” and agreed that “he” may not have “stolen” it.

Another video in which the columnist violently kissed columnist Francesca Antoniotti in the program “Touche pas à mon sport” on D8 (ex C8) in 2016 was exhumed. The columnist, who was invited on the set of TPMP with Pierre Ménès on Monday evening, said that she experienced the moment “as a humiliation” and not as a sexual assault.

After repeating the sequence in question, Pierre Ménès admitted that “these images are scandalous”.

“To kiss someone forcibly / surprisingly, to grab their buttocks on a television, in transport, at work, in whatever context, this is a legally punishable sexual assault,” tweeted Camille Chaize Monday on his account as a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior.

Marlène Schiappa outraged

Citizenship Minister Marlène Schiappa, for her part, was outraged “that a sports journalist takes advantage of his notoriety and lives to carry out a sexual assault and then claim the victims’ lack of humor to legitimize his actions”.

Marie Portolano was contacted and declined to comment. She tweeted on Sunday: “The essence is the voice of women, which Canal + fully respected. Please don’t forget.”