President Joe Biden accuses Vladimir Putin of “being a murderer”

The essentials The US president has declared that his Russian counterpart will pay for the consequences of Moscow’s interference in the elections.

US President Joe Biden said he considered his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin “a murderer” and warned “to face the consequences” in an interview broadcast on Wednesday by ABC broadcaster.

When asked by the reporter, who asks if he thinks the President of Russia is “a murderer”, Biden nodded: “Yes, I think so.” Before adding, “You will soon see the price he’s going to pay,” he added.

Electoral influence

Regarding Moscow’s meddling in the elections, which was repeated in 2020 according to a brand new report from US authorities, the US president also claimed that Vladimir Putin will “bear the consequences”. “We had a long conversation with him and me, I know him pretty well,” said the Democratic leader, who is more firm with the master of the Kremlin than his predecessor Donald Trump.

“At the beginning of the conversation I said to him: ‘I know you and you know me, if I come to the conclusion that you did this, be prepared for the consequences,’ he said without saying whether he was referring to it Interference or other acts alleged against the American side in Moscow, in particular the poisoning of Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny and then his imprisonment.

“An attack on our country”

Calling Vladimir Putin a “murderer” and threatening to “make him pay” is an “attack” on Russia, a senior Russian official who was denounced Wednesday after US President Joe Biden’s statements. “This is impotence hysteria. Putin is our president and attacking him is attacking our country,” wrote Vyacheslav Volodin, President of the House of Commons, in his telegram report on parliament and influential close to the Russian president.