Private company wants to build touristic space station with artificial gravity

The year 2027 could be a milestone for the hotel industry! Orbital Assembly Corporation, a California start-up, has actually announced its intention to build a 5-star home … in space! This space hotel, dubbed “Voyager Station,” spins in a low orbit around the earth, making for an unforgettable stay as close as possible to the stars.

For those wondering what Voyager Station might look like, the hotel is worth the spaceships you see in science fiction films. Indeed, the first pictures show an impressive tourist site, the structure of which is somewhat reminiscent of a gigantic wheel, which one cannot think of in the film “Alone on Mars”. It was announced that the station could create artificial gravity by rotating on itself.

A huge hotel in space

It is planned to equip the facility with 24 “rooms” in the form of 20 m long and 12 m wide residential modules that are connected by elevators. The ship can accommodate up to 450 people, including 150 crew members.

Everything for a dream vacation!

Designed like a cruise ship, Voyager Station has everything you need to make sure guests don’t get bored for a second. In addition to the rooms, the hotel will also house a cinema and concert hall, bars, but also a library, a spa, etc.

450 people on board, including 150 crew members. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Gorodenkoff

The builders have also planned a sports hall for sports enthusiasts. However, sporting events promise to get even better! Thanks to the special gravity in the station, “we can jump higher on earth, lift things and run in unthinkable ways,” boasted Tim Alatorre, the project’s architect, speaking to CNN.

“It will be quick”

As you can see, Voyager Station has been specially designed to bring new and incredible travel experiences to those who have the opportunity to stay there one day. “Our goal is to create a culture […] in which people go into the room, live in the room, work in the room and want to be in the room, ”stated the initiators of the project.

Voyager Station – a space hotel!

– Rofan Al-Ghonaim (@_iRofan), March 9, 2021

They are excited to get started! Construction of the hotel is scheduled to begin in 2025. If all goes well, Voyager Station will open in six years! At the moment we don’t know anything about the details of the project (the budget …) and even less about the cost of a hotel stay! However, this should not be delayed if the work is going well … To be continued!

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