Qualifying for the 2022 World Cup: The French win 1-0 in Bosnia and remain at the top of their group

The Basics The Blues won with the lowest score in Bosnia that Wednesday night. With two wins and one draw in the first three games, Didier Deschamps’ men occupy first place in their group.

New success for the French team in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup: The French defeated Bosnia 1-0 thanks to a goal from Antoine Griezmann and ended their streak of three games in style, which ended with a disappointing 1-1 draw against Ukraine started .

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– Football News (@ActuFoot_) March 31, 2021

Endangered and uninspired on Wednesday night in Sarajevo, however, the Blues had to rely on Antoine Griezmann to soften his qualifying run at World 2022 for his final official outing before the euro. “We played badly, but our state of mind won, we can rely on that,” said goalkeeper and captain Hugo Lloris, author of a great save in the first half, at the end of the M6 ​​meeting. “There will be times like today when it won’t be a good game, but the most important thing is to get those three points,” said goalscorer Griezmann.

Either way, the world champions know how to get by when their legs are strained by long journeys, and their soldier “Grizou”, who was a top scorer last week, is one of those who never despair. His victorious header on the hour (60th) makes him the only fourth top scorer in the history of the blues (35 goals) and lets the March camp end with a good record.

On the way to the World Cup, but after the euro

With 4 points ahead of Ukraine, 2nd in Group D, after three of eight games, the presence of the French in Qatar at the end of 2022 can hardly be doubted. But before we finish the job in autumn, we have to play a euro in June and travel a few thousand kilometers across Europe, from Munich to Budapest and maybe also to London, the theater of the finals on July 11th.

March 2021 won’t be remembered as the blues’s most spectacular get-together, however, but the Habs casually sign an eighth straight win outside of their home country, their 20th win since the World Cup. What you should wait until the month of June.