Radar cars privatized to the state would bring in 20 times more than gendarmerie cars

Maybe you got a ticket without remembering being flashed for the past few months? Everything is normal, so to speak! You were undoubtedly caught accelerating by privatized radar cars, so they are unmarked and driven by paid drivers from private companies!

The League for the Defense of Drivers took out the calculators to reveal some numbers to us, particularly what these privatized radar cars are reporting to the state today. France has 3,665 automatic speed cameras that generated 12,164,480 tickets and € 760 million in revenue! And among those 3,665 radars, 402 private cars have privatized radar cars that are making a lot of money!

By the end of 2021, the number of radar cars should be 223 and eventually 450! And each of them brings in the state € 194,000 per year, that’s a little more than 10% of the total of 760 million! Remember, these privatized radar cars are driving at authorized speed in the middle of traffic. So they flash vehicles in motion and discreetly! In a previous article, we told you how to spot privatized radar cars!

Cascading HP!

1,334,276 tickets were issued by radar cars with an average daily use of 5h30! Those numbers include police radar cars and privatized radar cars (40 in 2020). Police radar cars flash about 1 hour 12 per day (0.46 PV / hour), the private 5.30 hours per day (2.09 PV / hour).

The League for the Defense of Drivers estimates that over speeding pays the state an average of 62.50. Based on this calculation, a police radar car will consume 201 PV per year or € 12,600 in revenue. A privatized radar car pays € 130.63 per hour as it has 2.09 VP! Or 718.47 per day for a 5h30 trip and thus € 262,200 per year.

€ 194,000 per year per vehicle, this is the net profit made by the state thanks to privatized radar cars powered by paid drivers from private companies. An exclusive calculation by the league for the defense of the drivers. Click here: https://t.co/7N4PWKyOId pic.twitter.com/u1c49DsRb5

– Driver’s League (@Def_Conducteurs) February 25, 2021

10.5 million euros!

This is the annual turnover of the 40 currently privatized radar cars … At the end of 2021, turnover will increase to EUR 47 million with 223 vehicles and reach EUR 118 million with the planned 450 vehicles!

A net profit of € 194,000 per year per vehicle. Photo credit: The Driver League

From this income, the fuel (€ 11,100), liability insurance (€ 500), vehicle maintenance (€ 1,200), on-board equipment (€ 18,000) and the driver’s annual salary (€ 37,400) must be removed. That results in a net profit of € 194,000 per year and per vehicle! The purchase price of the vehicle is not included in these calculations.

As you can see, privatized radar cars still have a bright future ahead of them! As for us motorists, it is increasingly unlikely that we will escape the speed camera! When it comes to reducing street mortality, this is an excellent thing! On the other hand, it is controversial when it comes to putting money in the government’s account!