RANGO, a revolutionary system that allows the blind to find their way around the city without risk!

Getting around the city for the blind is often an obstacle course! Even with a white stick, the obstacles multiply and sometimes isolate these people for fear of getting lost or having an accident. GoSense is a start-up in Lyon and is introducing a Made In France innovation that is likely to change the lives of blind people!

His name: RANGO! It’s a small electronic box that is connected to the wearer via headphones and makes the white poles smart! A patented concept that aims to make life easier for the 2 million blind people in the European Union. Presentation.

Who is GoSense?

GoSense is a start-up from Lyon that was founded in 2015 by Hugues de Chaumont and François Birot. After two years of research and development, the company was awarded the “Social and Solidarity Enterprise” label. It develops a range of intelligent solutions based on 3D environmental sensors.

But also with augmented reality sound technology that enables blind people to regain autonomy and mobility. Rango, the small box that is connected to the white cane, and Noor, the external headphones with motion sensors, are the first products that the start-up brought onto the market.

Rango what is it?

The box is installed on the white cane and warns the user if the Noor headphones present an obstacle. The sound is returned in three dimensions, an expanded sound reality that gives users confidence that they are finally in control of their surroundings.

A small box that is attached to the pole. Image credit: Gosense

In France, 210,000 blind people move every day and these trips are a source of stress and anxiety every time … not to mention the possible falls or accidents that can result from an unsuitable city.

NOOR is a comfortable headphone system that does not block the ear canals. Image credit: Gosense

This patented innovation therefore consists of RANGO, the small smart box that is connected to the smartphone and its mobile application via Bluetooth. It can detect any obstacle up to 2.50 m from the white stick. However, a warning is only issued if the obstacle poses a danger to the blind, ie a risk of collision.

In the event of an obstacle, Rango generates a 3D sound on the left, right or in the middle, which makes it possible to localize the obstacle and avoid it. Rango works with NOOR, a comfortable headphone system that does not block the ear canals. This allows the user to hear the rango’s return, but also the sounds of the outside environment! Rango works with Android and iOs and getting started is quick and easy. One to two weeks of practice are enough to fully master how Rango works.

How much does it cost ?

The Rango / Noor package costs € 2000, but this product receives a 75% reimbursement through the Department Houses for the Disabled (MDPH). This revolutionary product is already available from the association AVH-Valentin Haüy, Optique Bourdeau and will soon be available on the GoSense site.