Reconfinement: Florists, chocolate makers, and shoemakers have been added to the list of companies that will remain open

The essentials The list of transactions that are considered essential and can remain open in the 16 departments that need to be redefined from Saturday has grown.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has expanded the list of companies that are deemed essential on Friday evening and that can remain open in the 16 departments, provided they resume from Saturday. In addition to the stores that may have been open during previous interventions, the newly authorized categories are listed here: booksellers, record stores, hair salons, plant and flower shops, chocolate makers, shoemakers, car dealerships by appointment, and property visits, according to a spokesman for SME Minister Alain Griset to journalists.

During the first containment in March 2020, most businesses had to keep the door closed for two months, with the exception of supermarkets and a number of grocery stores or those selling building materials, IT, newspapers or even laundries on a list set by decree.
In late October, at the time of the second delivery, toiletries, hygiene, maintenance and child care products were added. Supermarkets have had to close some of their shelves to meet these restrictions. Many sectors have since claimed the right to stay open in the event of renewed containment, and booksellers won that right in late February.

Prime Minister Jean Castex on Thursday announced a new four-week prison sentence for sixteen departments, including Paris and its region, starting Friday amid the progression of the Covid-19 epidemic. In addition to Île France, the Hauts-de-France region and the Alpes-Maritimes, Seine-Maritime and Eure departments are also affected. Shops and departments in this area that are not absolutely necessary must be closed from Saturday.