Reconfinement: Kilometers of traffic jam in the direction of Pas-de-la-Case and Perthus this Saturday

The essentials Many drivers drive to Pas-de-la-Case and Perthus this Saturday. In the early morning there were several kilometers of traffic jams. The new health restrictions go into effect this Saturday evening.

Before the travel restriction imposed by Covid-19, it became a habit for many residents of the Great South to rush to Pas-de-la-Case to buy cigarettes, alcohol, or groceries.

Rebelote this Saturday April 3rd. From the beginning of the morning, several kilometers of slowdowns in the direction of the Principality were reported on the roads of the Ariège. At 8 a.m. there were even slowdowns to leave the principality, evidence that motorists made the journey at dawn in Pas-de-la-Case.

Facebook post from a user on his way to Andorra this Saturday morning. Facebook post from a user in Andorra this Saturday morning.

The strong presence of Pas-de-la-Case already took place on Friday as there was a queue to leave the principality after 6 p.m., reports the Andorran daily Diari Andorra. The heavy traffic had already started at 9 a.m.

The saturated Perthus

The village of Perthus in the Pyrenees-Orientals on the border with Spain is experiencing the same situation this Saturday. A lot of French people have been going there since Thursday to shop at lower prices than in France. On this Saturday morning, the gendarmerie set up a filter barrier at the entrance to Perthus for vehicles that want to enter the village, according to our colleagues from the Independent. Result: The traffic on the RD 900 is saturated. Access to Perthus will be blocked if the maximum level of public reception on the streets is exceeded.

Compulsory RT-PCR test to return to France

An RT-PCR test is still required to return to French territory, with the exception of the residents of Ariège and the Pyrenees-Orientals on the border between France and Andorra, who are exempt. If you don’t have one, you will be turned away when you leave French territory.

The traffic restrictions announced by Emmanuel Macron will come into effect for four weeks this Saturday, April 3rd, at 7 p.m. Flexibility is granted for the long Easter weekend: the target controls begin on Tuesday morning across France.

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Bad news for the shops of Pas-de-la-Case, which live off the tourist frequency of the French. For lack of customers, many dealers decided to close their curtains during the first two interventions in France.