Recycling tip: what to do with your individual socks

There is an unsolved mystery in every household, namely individual socks … Photo credit: Shutterstock / Evgeniya369

If there is one unsolved mystery in every household, it’s individual socks … We don’t know where the socks go, whether the washing machine cleverly devours them, or whether the dog is found guilty … Still. that we all have a bag of socks that no longer have half! And we never find that!

An unsolved mystery even for the greatest investigators! So we need to find some tips on how to recycle these socks! Or wear them inappropriately, it’s pretty trendy right now … so recycle your old socks!

Give it to clubs!

Before explaining how to recycle them for other uses, you should know that some associations like Sock en Stock collect socks to recreate pairs of them and offer them to the most deprived.

They can also be worn inappropriately, and it shows your support for Down Syndrome, which became Inappropriate Socks Day every March 21st! But you can also wear them because you just like it.

In the house:

Socks are the perfect dust catcher … Whether it’s furniture, computer screens, picture frames or even doorknobs … just pull them into your hand to track down the dust in your home. The oil bottles are often very greasy and for good reason … the oil runs on the neck, then on the bottle and finally on your work schedule … put an old sock on your bottle, it will win the drip and you don’t have to as edit it! When you have pretty but mismatched socks, slide a bar of soap into them! And hang it over your sink or in the garden … the foam effect is instant and practical! You can’t wear them in unison either. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Benevolente82

Free dog toys!

Yes, you can make slippers out of them, but a dog usually doesn’t need slippers unless they have a wound for protection. However, you can make some fun toys for him:

Slide in an empty plastic bottle! Dogs love bottles, but dirt is guaranteed in the garden without socks … With the sock there is dirt inside. Be careful, however, dogs who are too destructive may swallow the sock to only do so during playtime and under your supervision. For cats, slip into the catnip, they’re crazy about it … Usually the cat should grab the sock and throw it all over the place … If you put a ball in it, you have a “shoot” toy that is perfect for good ones Playing times is suitable!

But still ?

When you move around, your mismatched socks are perfect for protecting your glasses or jewelry. Make elastic bands for the hair … kids socks are perfect, all you have to do is cut the circles of fabric! Fill them with sand and turn them into dumbbells for building muscle, for example.

There are a multitude of ways to recycle your socks … Orphan socks now even have a book by Marie Vareille that we recommend because it’s so fun!