Regional 2021 in Occitania: The elected EELV François Arcangeli “does not support the strategy” of his party

Posted on 3/23/2021 at 12:39 PM, updated at 6:15 PM

the main European activist ecology The Greens and regional advisor François Arcangeli has not planned to run for re-election in the regional elections in June since 2010. History so as not to make the big difference between his party that wanted to go it alone and Carole Delga’s outgoing team.

You seemed to be well integrated into the outgoing team, you decide not to represent yourself: why this sudden pause? Because EELV decided to do it alone in the Regionals and I don’t see how I could play it against Carole Delga’s team. We worked together – and worked well – throughout the mandate. My party is in a strategy that I don’t …