Regional elections in Occitania: Jean-Paul Garraud, head of the RN list, started his candidacy in the Gers

Mainly Jean-Paul Garraud, head of the national rally list in the regional elections in Occitania in June, started his campaign on Saturday in Miélan after he postponed the meeting for fear of a demonstration.

“A small environmental or right-wing extremist group decided to disrupt this press conference. It is unacceptable and scandalous that in order to avoid a coveted incident one has to go elsewhere. My candidacy is very annoying, ”said Jean-Paul Garraud indignantly.

The new head of the list of the National Rally (RN) in the 2021 regional elections in Occitania, which was due to start its campaign in the Mirande municipal council room on Saturday, March 27, preferred to move the meeting to Miélan. before the presence of some people in front of the building (five environmentalists elected, from right and left, editor’s note).

Reduce uncertainty

A situation that is “abnormal in democracy,” said the former Gironde UMP MP and national secretary for people’s law, who claims to be a “Democrat, Republican with a Gaullist and Bonapartist fiber”. The 65-year-old elected, who has been under the banner of the RN (of which he is not a member) since 2019, insists on his regional roots: “Some people want to say I’m not from here, but my family is from Haute-Garonne , Aveyron, Ariège and Tarn. “”

The judge, who claims to have “fought against crime” during his career, wants to tackle the insecurity that is on the rise in the countryside. “The region has a say, it takes care of traffic safety, high schools and the fight against bullying in schools.” In order to help these rural areas, which are “suffering severely from the crisis,” the examining magistrate also suggests To promote locality and short circuits: “The region can support local labels and strengthen them. “”

“A list that will surprise you”

Another issue in this grain and wine growing area is the issue of global warming. A subject that, in his opinion, has been confiscated by “penal ecology”. Jean-Paul Garraud therefore criticizes the alliance between Carole Delga, President of the Regional Council, and “environmentalists while they have deep differences of opinion”. The judge also disapproves of a “subsidy distribution” policy, which he describes as “some form of patronage,” and plans, in turn, to make grant aid to associations conditional on “signing and observing a Republican charter”.

If the national nomination commission does not meet until April 15, the candidate will already announce a surprise list that will be opened to show that the RN is not amalgamated with Republicans and leftists. “

Jean-Luc Yelma, RN department delegate, regional advisor and future head of the list in the Gers, will be present at the start yesterday and will be responsible for “developing ideas in the department”.