Regional elections: LREM continues its takeover bid for Les Républicains

The basics The withdrawal of Sophie Cluzel, the LREM candidate for Regional in PACA, announced on Sunday in favor of Renaud Muselier, divides the LRs and worries the law when the presidential elections approach.

And the demolition business continues … After shaking the frame of the LR house in 2017, the République en Marche threatens the building again. This time it attacks the foundations by incorporating in its webs one of the movement’s historical frames, one of its pillars. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Sunday the withdrawal from the LREM list in the first round of regional elections in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur in favor of Renaud Muselier, the current outgoing LR President of the region.

The foreign minister responsible for the disabled Sophie Cluzel, the chairwoman appointed by LREM, “and representatives of the parliamentary majority will integrate the device led by Renaud Muselier,” said the head of government, implying that the two lists could be merged. Republican chief Christian Jacob didn’t wait to react and tell Renaud Muselier that he “can’t benefit from the LR nomination”. Beyond local issues, this agreement has a symbolic value. Primarily because others may advertise it, as certain LREM executives assure.

But above all because it shows that there are still personalities among the LR who are willing to change and achieve the presidential majority instead of resisting head-on, as the leadership of the movement would like. As 2022 approaches and there is a need for many strong Republicans in their camp, many Republicans may be moving closer to the macronie in hopes of weighing a future government or parliamentary majority. Hence the very strong reactions of some right-wing personalities since yesterday, who, like 2017, denounce the betrayal of their comrades and call for unity.

“He’s no longer a Republican”

Eric Ciotti assured Europe 1 on Monday: “For me (Renaud Muselier) no longer belongs to the Republicans. He has made a choice, I regret it, I regret it and I condemn it most strongly […]. Of course, he placed himself outside of our political family. “The debates on the expulsion of the President of the PACA Regional Council will undoubtedly rage in the Rue de Vaugirard in the coming days, as was the case in 2017 with Édouard Philippe, Gérald Darmanin or Bruno Le Maire, who finally joined LREM in September 2017 were.

Besides the fact that it cracks the traditional law a little more, this rapprochement with an important figure of the LR is a nice blow to the République En Marche as it allows it to get a certain number of local elected officials that its LREM lacks thus ensures the support of a network man in order to guarantee its establishment and, above all, its security. Renaud Muselier is in fact the head of the Union of Regions of France, a position that gives him significant interpersonal skills for 2022.

But on Sunday it wasn’t just the hikers who were smiling. Former Minister Thierry Mariani, now MEP of the National Rally, welcomed what he calls clarification. This merger frees up space on the right that should benefit the RN. By reaching an agreement before the first round of regional elections, LR and LREM are suggesting that they cannot win on their own, which Marine le Pen, who sees this as a good omen, cannot displease a few months before the presidential election.

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