Regional elections of 2021: In Occitania, the LR party officially nominates Aurélien Pradié as a candidate

The main Lotois MP Aurélien Pradié received the support of his political family for the regional elections in 2021: Eric Ciotti and Christian Jacob from the Les Républicains party officially declared him a candidate. He will compete against Carole Delga (PS) and Vincent Terrail-Novès, among others.

The Republicans named their number 3 Aurélien Pradié on Wednesday to lead the battle of the region in Occitania, where he will face outgoing President Carole Delga (PS), a favorite, announced Eric Ciotti, president of the National Investment Commission. “With Christian Jacob we fully support his candidacy,” said Eric Ciotti on Twitter.

I would like to thank my political family, elected officials and activists for their confidence in my candidacy. That honors me and obliges me. I intend to show myself worthy of it. My candidacy is a choice of responsibility and clarity. # PradiéOccitanie

– Aurélien Pradié (@AurelienPradie) March 10, 2021

This investment was anticipated after Aurélien Pradié announced to La Dépêche du Midi on Monday that, after “careful deliberation”, he would be a candidate and represent “a brave and popular right wing”.

According to surveys, Carole Delga is at the top

The task promises to be complicated for the law in this region of “conquest”, in which the outgoing President Carole Delga (PS) stands in front of the list of the National Rally headed by the former deputy LR Jean-Paul Garraud in several polls. On Monday, another ex-LR, Vincent Terrail-Novès, announced his candidacy, likely supported by LREM. “The struggle will be difficult, but I’m not a captain of calm weather,” Aurélien Pradié told La Dépêche, who “wants to turn a quarter of a century of socialist management upside down.” “We need to free resources for safety, health and employment” so that the region “protects the most vulnerable,” added this MP from Lot.

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Aurélien Pradié, who initially hesitated to introduce himself, finally made his decision: “I reject a position of consolation, I cannot remain hidden all the time. It is time for me to send a political message to my family and to my region send.” confirmed the general secretary of the party, known for his openness and his iconoclastic positions, which sometimes frightened LR.

“This region has greatly strengthened my convictions”

Aurélien Pradié, number 3 Republican, is the highest-ranking official on the org chart who presents himself as the head of the regional list. Guillaume Peltier number 2, expected at some point, has given up running for the Center-Val-de region. Loire. Aurélien Pradié assures that she will approach this election with “humility” and at the age of 34 refutes any broader ambition, but assures: “It is the only campaign that can resemble a national campaign. It is formative.”

“This region has strengthened my convictions very much, especially on social issues,” added the MP, who defended a line of “social law” that led them to deal with poverty or disability and the text of the law on combating it of poverty or disability. Reunion bracelet for violent spouses.

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It is also about “preparing for continuation” in this region, to which “the law is very attentive” because “it was Dominique Baudis”, the former UDF mayor of Toulouse, he adds. But the recapture “will not be carried out all at once,” he believes, promising that there will be “no alliance” with LREM according to the party’s national line. In 2015, the PS-EELV list led by Carole Delga won with 43.5% of the votes in a triangle against the FN lists of Louis Aliot (39.6%) and Dominique Reynié (16.9%).