Regional: lively debate between Aurélien Pradié (LR) and Jean-Paul Garraud (RN), a journalist has to separate them

The Basics The debates on a France 3 Occitanie program for the regional elections almost turned into a physical confrontation between Aurélien Pradié (the Republicans) and Jean-Paul Garraud (National Rally).

The tone rises three months before the regional elections. In Occitania the landscape becomes stormy. Republican candidate Aurélien Pradié and National Rally candidate Jean-Paul Garraud had to be separated after the start of the “Dimanche en politique” program on Friday 19 March before the beating broke out. The topic was: “Where is the law going?”

It was Aurélien Pradié, Lot’s deputy LR, who made the incident public in a tweet. “Jean-Paul Garraud and his campaign manager have sunk into insult and physical aggression,” writes Aurélien Pradié. He tells the Huffington Post that behind his back at the exit of the set he heard, “You little asshole, you asshole”. After his story, he returns to see his opponent. “It was untenable. He was ready to be beaten,” the number 2 Republican assures our colleagues, who explain that the journalist Laurent Dubois intervened to prevent the situation from escalating. Comment by Aurélien Pradié: “The paint is cracking. These excited people are deceiving the voters.”

At the end of a debate about FR3 Occitanie, RN JPGarraud and his campaigner sank into insult and physical aggression. Journalists and security forces had to intervene. Surrealist. The paint cracks quickly. These agitators are deceiving voters. The sterile dead end.

– Aurélien Pradié (@AurelienPradie) March 21, 2021

On Jean-Paul Garraud’s side, the version is not the same. He accuses Aurélien Pradié of lying. “The sound got louder after the show was over, but no one broke us up. My campaign manager just told him, wait a minute.” His entourage denounced “a low-blow politician” in the Huffington Post. “Let him make a complaint and we’ll see what’s ridiculous!” Starts Jean-Paul Garraud on Twitter.

This person who accuses me of threats, aggression and “parachuting” was not even born when I was fighting crime as a young examining magistrate in Toulouse.
Let him make a complaint and we’ll see what’s ridiculous!

– Jean-Paul GARRAUD (@JPGarraud) March 21, 2021

France 3 Occitanie is contacted by our colleagues and confirmed that his journalist had to come in a corridor between the two candidates in the regional elections. However, there was no physical contact.

The two men practically continued the exchange this time on Twitter during the day of that Sunday.

Six candidates in the race

Six candidates have been chosen for the regional elections in Occitania: Carole Delga (Socialist Party), Jean-Paul Garraud (National Rally), Myriam Martin and Manuel Bompard (La France Insoumise), Antoine Maurice (EELV) and Aurélien Pradié (Republicans) and Vincent Terrail-Novès (supported by LREM). The poll is scheduled for June 13th and 20th.