Regional: Measures by environmentalists for the Aude economy

the main Justine Torrecilla presented the main axes of the economic program of Antoine Maurice’s list.

On the home stretch of the campaign for the first round of regional elections, Justine Torreccilla, who heads the list for Aude behind Antoine Maurice, chairman of L’Occitanie of course, presented the economic ambitions of environmentalists and regionalists this Thursday. “In 2022, we can create 94,000 jobs in Occitania with a proactive program in everything to do with energy renovation, ecological agriculture, green tourism, renewable energies … These are sustainable jobs that cannot be relocated,” supports Justine Torrecilla. The head of the Aude list also believes that “changing practices in agriculture and particularly in viticulture” would enable farmers to achieve better incomes: “Today, with climate change, farms are less and less profitable, especially because of the costs of Insurance and crop failures. ” Assistance with diversification, payment for environmental services (generalization of the hedge plan), payment of an ecological transitional income, not to mention agronomic research on disease and drought-resistant grape varieties, but also old varieties … So many suggestions that environmentalists are putting on the table lay.

Responsible tourism

In the same way, L’Occitanie naturally intends to develop tourism “responsibly, with respect for our landscapes, of the four seasons, in order to avoid this massive summer tourism”.

Expanding inland waterway transport, securing the demand for nurseries for school catering, stopping meat imports, playing the role of a belt … all these measures environmentalists want to take if they are chosen.

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