REPORTING. In the Gers, the Domaine du Passage in Manciet is affected by the three health crises

essential rhinopneumonia, avian flu, Covid … The three health crises hit the Domaine du Passage in Manciet head-on. This area lives from the breeding of horses, ducks and tourism.

These are two pieces of good news that are finally emerging for the Domaine du Passage on the heights of Manciet. On the one hand, the resumption of equestrian competitions, some of which will be announced in a week. The other is the possible reinstallation of the ducks from May. It remains the Covid, which continues to permanently disrupt the rental of guest rooms and riding courses.
The 70 acre property has indeed lived a year like it has never been seen before. The Cesi family was badly hit by the country’s three health crises. So much so that today cash flow is dropping an astonishing 90%. The property is only alive thanks to the pensions paid by the horse owners and the solidarity fund set up by the state.

Riding courses canceled

In 2020, the Covid will be the first to disrupt equestrian activities in the region. Charlotte, 23, is a professional rider and breeds around 40 Lusitano dressage horses. It offers about fifteen internships during the year. The participants come from far away and often spend the night in guest rooms on site. From the first delivery onwards, all these activities are stopped. The uncertainty about holding competitions made him change his mind and only compete in the young horse category. With a good national result: fifth in the final round. But the one targeting the 2024 Olympics would have liked more competitions.
The restriction and the cancellation of many Gers festivities also plague the rental of the accommodation. The Nogaro races take place in front of a small audience. At Easter it was behind closed doors!

The competitions, the “showcase” of the domain

The bird flu then hit the farm, which normally produces three flocks of 12,000 ducks. The reinstatement in February cannot take place, the one that should have been successful in May is still pending.
It is then a rhinopneumonia, an equine disease that further disturbs the Domaine du Passage. In France, 25 outbreaks have been recorded related to this highly contagious disease. The young woman continues: “The Covid has already affected us, the rhinopneumonia has stopped everything. There was still a little hope in the competitions … Even at the Covid, nobody was in the rooms that the ducks were not there .. And when I was ready to go out … The morale at 5 went to 1. The competitions were effectively stopped in Europe to prevent any horse movement. These competitions are Charlotte’s “showcase”: one Way of showing their horses and their work. Within breeding, this impossibility of movement also disturbed the projections.
The imminent resumption of competitions and the possible reinstallation of the ducks clear the family’s horizon today. It remains the coronavirus and the restriction …