Retrofitting: VIRVOLT transforms your old bike into an electric bike!

Do you own a bike but don’t use it? Either because your body is no longer 20 years old and pedaling becomes complicated. Either because you’re the lazy guy and don’t love swallowing kilometers while pedaling! For whatever reason.

But your bike could be reborn from the ashes by going electric! This is what VIRVOLT, a young Parisian company, offers. In a few hours, your classic bike can be turned into an electric bike with the help of a conversion kit. A way to do the new and the current with the old. For about the same price, turning your bike into an electric is more of a good plan.

What is Virvolt?

To this day, VIRVOLT transforms your bike in Carrefour, in the Carré-Sénart shopping center (77) and in two Monoprix stores in Paris (Beaugrenelle and Montparnasse). Specifically, Virvolt technicians install a motor in the rear wheel or in the crankset and the battery on the frame or on the luggage rack. It all depends on the model of your bike.

How much does it cost ?

Electrifying your bike with Virvolt costs between 800 and 1,200 euros, depending on the equipment. A solution for less than € 600 will be offered shortly. You should know that an electric bike costs an average of € 1,800. If you use the help of the Ile-de-France region of € 500, your bike will cost € 1300 …

Virvolt installs a motor in the rear wheel or in the crankset. Image credit: Virvolt

Which is always more expensive than electrification. Of course, there are entry-level electric bikes for less than 1,000 euros, but Virvolt’s battery motor equivalent is more similar to that of electric bikes priced at around 1,800 euros. “The aim is to put electromobility with high-quality components for everyone in the hands of people who are not too expensive,” says Jérôme-Aristide Gaymard, the founder of Virvolt on

Possible help

For example, for a cargo model that bought € 1000 with no electrical assistance, it’s € 1300 to electrify it… A new electric cargo bike costs around € 5000… The calculation is pretty easy to do! And some communities are offering help with electrification. For example, the city of Paris covers 33% of the amount excluding taxes. This further reduces the end cost. A price that, thanks to the succession of municipalities such as the City of Paris, can continue to decrease and cover 33% without taxes on the electrification amount.

For which bikes?

Virvolt technology has been adapted to all “mechanical” bicycles since 1990. So electrifying your dad’s or mom’s bike that is so close to your heart is no problem! Today, 50 Virvolt bicycles are electrified every month, so there is a real consumer demand. And tomorrow ? Maybe yours?