Ribble: Weighing only 10.5 kg, this electric bike is one of the lightest in the world!

Apparently no segment escapes the electrification trend that is widespread in the bicycle world. From simple urban bikes to mountain bikes to folding and gravel bikes, to name just a few, nowadays we have a wide range of models that we can use to better meet our requirements and needs.

Ribble is one of the companies that are active in this field. And as Tech Radar tells us, the British company has just updated its catalog with two new products: the Endurance SL e Hero and the Endurance AL e.

A primacy of carbon

Weighing less than 11 kg, the Endurance SL e Hero is certainly one of the lightest two-wheelers in the world. To make this possible, Ribble opted for a carbon frame. This selection also applies to the wheels (EBM Superlight Level BS35), the handlebars and the stem. In fact, it’s a version of the company’s flagship carbon electric bike. During the conception, the company faced a major challenge: reducing weight. An achievement that she achieved, as the Endurance SL e Hero weighs around 2 kg less, more precisely 10.5 kg.

A product that the competition cannot envy

Thanks to its featherweight, this new electric racing bike from Ribble can therefore be measured against other references advertised as the lightest on the market, such as the LeMond Dutch and Daily, the foldable model The One and the manufacturer’s domestic city bike. Monegasque HPS bike. Like the brand’s other e-bikes, the Endurance SL e Hero also has a fully integrated battery and drive system. It is also compatible with the Mahle Ebikemotion app. It also benefits from an electric Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset.

The Endurance AL e electric bike (13kg) Photo credit: Ribble

An aluminum frame for the Ribble Endurance AL e

In terms of Endurance AL e, it’s harder than its brother. Weighing in at 13 kg, this model has a lightweight, heat-treated 6061 T6 aluminum frame with smooth welds. Unfortunately, this is the only information we know about these new Ribble e-bikes.

Oddly enough, the details on the manufacturer’s website are very poor. We even ignore battery capacity and autonomy. In terms of price, expect to pay $ 10,000 to afford the Endurance SL e Hero. Endurance AL e starts at around $ 3,500 (excluding shipping).

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