RN MP case: Marine Le Pen was questioned by the police investigation

The Basics The JDD unveiled a report from the Central Agency for Combating Corruption, Financial and Tax Crimes (OCLCIFF). The investigation reveals a central diversion system that was organized by Marine Le Pen and of which she was a beneficiary. The European Parliament estimates the amount of his loss at 6.8 million euros.

Five years of investigation and bloody conclusions. An investigation report uncovered by the JDD reveals a central “fraudulent” system that was organized and benefited by Marine Le Pen. According to the police of the Central Office for the Fight against Corruption, Financial and Tax Crimes (OCLCIFF), the National Assembly “has established through its leaders and leaders a fraudulently organized system of embezzlement of European funds in its favor through fictitious jobs as parliamentary assistants.”

Investigators believe they have enough elements to prosecute 17 related and elected party leaders for “misappropriating public funds” or covering up the crime. The investigation was opened in 2015 on suspicion of improper use of envelopes assigned by the European Union. The RN has also been charged with “organized fraud” and “undercover work”.

The European Parliament, in this case the civil party, estimates the damage at 6.8 million euros. An amount from which the party leader, who was designated as the instigator and beneficiary of this system, would have improperly profited.

A “concerted” and “conscious” organization

An organization that dates back to when the party, at the time of the Front National (FN), was still led by Jean-Marie Le Pen, but would have assumed its full scope after the 2014 European elections under the presidency of his daughter. According to the investigation report, the envelopes allocated to MPs for recruiting staff have been centralized. The party is accused of having worked as “collaborators with the assistants of the European Parliament” who actually work for the party. A “system of embezzlement”, which enables the RN to cut their salaries, has been put in place “in a concerted and deliberate manner”, according to investigators.

For her part, Marine Le Pen has again denied these allegations. “The JDD, the official organ of macronistic power, appears in the same endless affairs of parliamentary assistants as in any election,” she responded in a tweet. His lawyer Me Rodolphe Bosselut, interviewed by the JDD, also refuted the conclusions of the investigation. He believes his customer “never set up a fraudulent system”.

The JDD, an official organ of macronistic power, emerges as in any election in the same endless affair of parliamentary assistants.

Nothing new under the sun except maybe some good polls in sight? MLP https://t.co/MkFLckbIsq

– Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel) May 16, 2021

“All the parliamentary assistants of the European Parliament mentioned in the statement have worked at one time or another. We are not in the case of Mrs Fillon,” affirmed Me Rodolphe Bosselut, referring to the wife of the former prime minister and candidate for the presidential election, François Fillon. She too had been accused of having a fictional job as a parliamentary assistant. “If we show the evidence of a job we will be told that it is not the right thing to do, as if the European and national issues were not intertwined. […] It is not for the courts to decide how parliamentarians should organize their work, ”concluded Marine Le Pen’s lawyer.

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