Rodez. Aveyron: An intern who was infiltrated into the Chamber of Agriculture hijacked files at the request of her employer

The scenario was put together particularly well. In the summer of 2018, a young woman, born in 1994, presented herself to the Aveyron Chamber of Agriculture. She explains that she is in great personal and financial need and also plays with tears in order to complete an internship of a few days in the organization. It works.

Nobody in the Rodez offices suspects that she is on a “mission” and that this whole scenario was written more than 600 kilometers away near Saint-Nazaire by the real employer of the “apprentice”: a forty-year-old specialist in exports of cattle without hesitation to apply to be a lawyer as well. In this summer of 2018, the man received a nice job from a foreign country: Aubrac cows are in demand.

To avoid calling in local intermediaries, the entrepreneur sends his assistant to “infiltrate” the Aveyron Chamber of Agriculture. Objective: to retrieve all possible data (address, telephone number, herd traceability, etc.) on the Aubracs farms in the department.

Over 400 stolen breeder files

From day one, she follows the scenario down to the last detail, restoring a number of files on a USB stick. The next day, she installs spyware on her computer so that her boss can access all of the files remotely. Voila, more than 400 files are being restored and the “trainee” disappears without warning.

The first doubts arise in the Chamber of Agriculture and the IT department discovers the existence of this spyware. A complaint is filed. In front of the investigators, the young woman confesses that she is not denying anything. His buddy asserts his right to silence. The man, who was expected in the Rodez court on Wednesday March 3, 2021 to explain himself, did not appear as an indication that it was a “contact case”. His trial has been postponed until next October.

“What was it really for?”

Also absent, but represented by Me Pierre Le Bonjour, her former employee, she did not escape the verdict and was fined 10,000 euros for “fraudulent extraction of data in an automated processing system” and “breach of trust in” relapse the record of this mother of four already contains several mentions for various scams …

“She came out of prison when this gentleman offered her this job and this mission. She was trapped and under some kind of influence,” emphasized her colleague Me Bastien Auzuech, who advocated the Aveyron Agriculture Area. “That this story of the Has done great damage to the organization and the breeders and feels like a victim of piracy, as hospitals are today “.

For her part, the President of the hearing, Sylvia Descrozaille, asked in detail about the use of this data: “The breeders said they had never been approached. What did that really mean? Served?” For the prosecutor Bernard Salvador “we don’t know … it is the gray area of ​​these files”.