Roger-Loupiac chimney in Toulouse: many people evacuated, no injuries

The essentials This Friday morning, a fire destroyed an apartment in a building on Place Loupiac in Toulouse. Nobody was hurt.

The pungent smell of the smoke grips the throat. Place Roger-Loupiac in the Grand Selve district to the north of Toulouse is closed early in the morning on the weekend evening. There are a dozen fire trucks in front of this modern building with a white facade and yellow doors. At the foot of this new building, some residents and residents are waiting in small groups. “I was just having breakfast when someone knocked on my door. I panicked and went out in my pajamas and slippers,” said a retired resident of the building, who was still a little shocked. His wife in the bathrobe still accuses the blow. “I was really scared of all the smoke and smell,” she says. A neighbor, like a good Samaritan, brings something back to warm them up. “I brought a jacket and a scarf, they were waiting outside in the cold, I offered to come to my house until they could go home,” explains this man, who left his house when he heard the panic. that ruled his neighborhood.

It is almost 9 a.m. when thick smoke escapes from an apartment on the first floor. A 50 m2 apartment has been ravaged by a violent fire. The firefighters were immediately alerted to the scene of the crime, around thirty men and six vehicles arrived at the scene. A kindergarten, “the Loupots Circle”, is located on the ground floor of the building. In a hurry, the forty children and toddlers present are evacuated and taken to a building directly opposite. “When I saw these little ones evacuated in their pajamas, I had a heartbreak,” said this pensioner. The residents of Buildings A and B will also be evacuated.

A fire burns in a building on Place Roger Loupiac. DDM – Anaïs Mustière

No injuries

The major fire that completely devastated the apartment was brought under control in the morning. The calm is gradually returning. Aides conduct tests on residents, children and kindergarten staff to find out whether they have inhaled carbon dioxide. But they come back negative to find some rest after the panic that early morning. About twenty parents are waiting right in front of the place where the children were brought back and looked after by the emergency services. “I received a call around 10 o’clock, I was quiet at work, they warned me about what had happened and that I had to pick up my two-year-old son,” said a young woman, obviously not concerned. “We can hear them laugh, sing and play, everything is fine,” says one father. One after the other, the parents walk with their children safe and sound in their arms.

Gradually the fire engines are leaving the scene. The firefighters still present on site are working on the ventilation of the premises in order to remove this imposing smoke smell. The police collect the testimonies of the residents. It is currently impossible to determine the origin of this violent fire.