Saint-Gaudens: impressive gas explosion in the school, 500 students evacuated

The essentials The explosion of two gas cylinders occurred that Tuesday afternoon in Saint-Gaudens in the Sainte-Thérèse school group. The students were evacuated. There are no injuries.

The explosion of a gas reserve occurred this Tuesday in the early afternoon, at the end of the meridian break, in Saint-Gaudens in the school group Sainte-Thérèse, which brings together high school, college and elementary school. As can be seen from this video captured on Twitter, the explosion was impressive.

Students evacuated. DDM – JAL

“Smoke, an explosion, then fire,” says one student. The fire started on the roof of the facility where waterproofing work is taking place. A first bottle of propane exploded around 1:30 p.m. and a second 10 minutes later.

The troubled parents have found their children. DDM – JAL

Immediate excitement at the facility, where staff evacuated nearly 500 students. Direction Wiese, below the establishment. A warning appeared to indicate a missing student, but the person eventually quickly found their group. Some seemed shocked, panicked, others cheeky enjoyed this unexpected recovery. Ultimately, no sacrifice should be regretted, but about twenty students were still in shock.

At the same time, the police and gendarmes (motorized train), Samu, firefighters (around forty) and the Red Cross set out. Accompanied by employees who were still present alongside their troops, they took part in the organization of the relief measures to the applause of the students and secured the area 200 meters around the facility, in which there were two more gas bottles.

Rescuers on site. DDM – JAL

For safety reasons, the parents were kept at a distance as no children were allowed to leave the premises. Little by little (but always at a rapid pace) they rushed to the edge of the meadow, looked around for their offspring, and then approached as much as possible to make sure the child was okay. They were then sent back behind the Rubalise to put the emergency services to work.

“We were visibly more concerned than she was,” says a relieved mother, listening to her son tell “the story”. But there is no question – not yet – about going with the children: on the meadow everyone was invited to stay in groups after classes. The supervisors made sure everyone was fine and took care of the students who were still in shock. Only then were the parents called to pick up their child (s).

40 firefighters mobilized. DDM – JAL