Samuel Paty assassination: the schoolgirl at the source of the controversy admits she lied

The 13-year-old girl, who was taken into police custody on November 23, a month after the attack that killed this history professor in the Paris region, had until then maintained her allegations. She claimed to have attended the class in which Samuel Paty showed cartoons of Muhammad, which all other versions denied.

The schoolgirl who accused Samuel Paty of Islamophobia admitted while in custody that she lied and that she had not attended the free speech course offered by this professor. His allegations had sparked a controversy, particularly conveyed by the young girl’s father, Brahim Chnina, who posted a video on Facebook calling for the resignation of the professor of history and geography at the College of Bois d’Aulne in Conflans- Sainte-Honorine. Controversy that led to the latter’s assassination on October 16 by a radicalized Islamist, Abdoullakh Anzorov.

The information was revealed by Le Parisien, stating that “Z.” was taken into police custody on November 23rd and charged with “defamatory denunciation” on November 25th. First, she maintained her version of the facts that the 47-year-old teacher asked his Muslim students to raise their hands and then leave the classroom so he could show a caricature of the naked Prophet Muhammad published by the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has been . What she would have refused and what would have earned her a two-day expulsion.

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She would even have held on to her allegations, despite the fact that her classmates testified to their absence during that course on freedom of expression, before giving in during her penultimate hearing, confirming “I wasn’t there on cartoons day” pretext to tell this lie in a troubled family Explain context. She would not have dared tell her father the real reasons for her expulsion from college, which in reality were related to her behavior.

For example, the lawyer for the young girl Me Mbeko Tabula, interviewed by Le Parisien, insists that it is not necessary “to transfer responsibility for this tragedy to the lie of a 13-year-old girl”. And to go on, “It is the excessive behavior of the father recording and posting a video that incriminates the professor that leads to this equipment.”

The father was charged with complicity in the murder of terrorists and was imprisoned.

Brahim Chnina was charged with “complicity in a terrorist attack”. He had introduced himself to his daughter’s college with an Islamist activist S, Abdelhakim Sefrioui, to demand the dismissal of Samuel Paty and even exchanged WhatsApp with the terrorist.

Anyone who had made virulent statements about his daughter’s professor during the smear campaign that he carried out against him (called him “sick” and compared him to “Hitler”), at the time of his last hearing before the examining magistrate on 26 January: “Exactly 100 days after this tragedy, I was stupid, stupid. When I heard my daughter’s news, it was the two days of my daughter’s exclusion that hurt me. […] Cartoons, I don’t care “.

Statements that can be compared to the resignation of someone incarcerated in Fresnes Prison since his indictment. What his lawyer Me Nabil El Ouchikli makes clear: “My client took a step back, he had time to analyze what had happened,” he said.

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