SAVRpak, an innovative patch that brings the crispness of your dishes to your home or office!

A small plate that we add to the bowl to keep it crispy. Photo credit: SAVRpak,

When was your last restaurant? On the other hand, you probably remember your last pizza delivery! Perhaps it arrived very soft, good for heating the oven to grind it a little?

Hopefully soon we’ll be able to enjoy a pizza or a crispy burger straight out of a restaurant’s oven. Meanwhile, a California start-up is launching SAVRpak, an innovation that helps keep dishes crispy upon delivery. Of course we will go to the restaurant again, but this novelty could also change the way we consume!

With teleworking, the dishes delivered to the office have become the staple diet for a good number of citizens in just a few months! French fries, pizza and burgers often arrive almost cold and particularly soft!

SAVRpak is a small plate that is placed in the bowl and absorbs the moisture from the bowl. This self-adhesive plaster is located under the lid of the tray. When you slide a hot dish into a tray, condensation is currently formed. And this condensation makes the food soft.

This self-adhesive plaster is located under the lid of the tray. Photo credit: SAVRpak,

And you should be able to do this process without skyrocketing your takeaway prices. A plate costs around 20 cents per unit. Currently, SAVRpak is only available in the US but should arrive in France in the coming months.

It is also said that a “general public” version is being prepared … quiches or pizzas reheated in the microwave therefore retain their flavor and crispness. A good idea for you? Or a useless device?