Scientists play pigs in video games to demonstrate exceptional cognitive skills

We knew dogs are capable of performance, as evidence of the recent test on dogs screening for Covid 19 … but what about pigs? A recent study by Purdue University in the US, often viewed as poorly intelligent, proves the opposite.

It was already known that pigs were able to solve puzzles and show intelligence and logic. This new American study looks at a pig’s ability to play a video game with a joystick … Amazing and impressive! The “Pig Gamers” are here!

The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, involves four pigs who, along with the reward system, learned how to use their snouts with a joystick. The goal, however, wasn’t to get them to move the joystick, but rather to interact with a computer screen.

For this test, the pigs had to move a cursor to collide with one of the four walls. The impact wall was synonymous with reward paired with a precise sound. Once the walls were broken there was no longer any interest in the pigs.

The results

According to the researchers, the results obtained are significantly higher than the known ability of pigs. The success achieved shows that pigs can play a video game if requested through encouragement and treats.

Four pigs were trained to play a simple video game using joysticks, and some surpassed the impressive intelligence of pigs.

– VICE Games (@waypoint) February 11, 2021

However, pigs performed worse than the primates on which this study was conducted. This is explained by the physiognomy of the animal, which, unlike a monkey, cannot grip the joystick. The next step is to do the same test but with touch screens instead of the joystick. Sequel follows!

Remember, Peta played pigs in an awareness campaign back in 2012. “Did you know that pigs are as smart as dogs and even 3 year old human children? “”

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