Secret evening of Montauban: investigation into “endangering the lives of others” initiated

The essentials The participants of the banned party, which took place on the premises of a Montauban company, are always heard by the investigators. In this case, however, no one has been detained.

The police intervention broke the atmosphere around 10:30 pm on Saturday night by putting an end to a banned party organized in a hangar of a company in the Albasud area (read our yesterday issue). Decibels, alcohol: About sixty young night owls were not lacking anything for this meeting, except maybe masks and space between them.
Alerted by the noise, a local resident quickly put an end to it by warning the city police.

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The investigation continues today, particularly into “endangering the lives of others,” as we learned from a judicial source yesterday. The son of the owner of the premises, who organized a friend’s birthday party, obviously has to explain himself.
No one has been taken into custody in this case at the moment. “The investigators hold a lot of hearings. This should shed light on the entire organization of the evening. We want to know whether the organizer wanted a small party and was completely overwhelmed. Or if he was not alone in the organization and really had the desire to bring a lot of people tonight, ”said Véronique Benlafquih, Vice Public Prosecutor of the Republic.

A chilling answer

According to our information, around ten participants of the party were interviewed by investigators from the Montauban police station, who are therefore trying to shed light on the entire organization of this evening. But that’s not all. In some cases the hearing was accompanied by a fine.
Several night owls have been fined up to € 135 each for failing to comply with the curfew and detention rules.

On the other hand, the organizer or the organizers risk higher fines, even the confiscation of the sound system or other more serious reactions. However, without prejudice to the follow-up that will be taken on this case in the coming days, there is every reason to believe that we would like to turn to criminal composition before prosecution rather than classic trial in court. This will not prevent a “chilling reaction” from occurring after that forbidden evening has been held.

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