Sécurvélo, a reflective jersey, so that safety distances are finally respected!

We know that cycling in the city is sometimes an obstacle! Not all cities have adequate bike lanes and failure to observe safety distances leads to many accidents. To remedy this danger for cyclists, a company based in the Pyrenees invents Orientales Sécuvélo.

A very simple concept that can be worn by anyone and is visible to everyone! Article R414-4 of the Highway Code requires a five-foot distance between the bike and the driver, but sometimes some seem to forget! So why not wear a t-shirt?

Cyclists are too often the victims of accidents

According to the France Tv Info website, 60,000 cyclists were victims of an accident in 2020. In most cases, accidents are caused by overtaking drivers who do not comply with the 1.50 meter regulations. “It’s not really respected. I go on three or four trips a week and every time unscrupulous drivers brush against me, ”explains the inventor in the 20 Minuten columns.

Lilian Cornelli, the creator of the Sécurvélo, had the sad experience of being run over by a driver himself in a hurry! With the help of a friend, who is a designer by profession, they envisioned a bathing suit adorned with a traffic sign. The sign clearly shows that the distance is 1.5 m! The Sécuvélo jersey is available in two versions: in town and out of town. Prices on the company’s website range from € 35 to € 79.

A perfectly designed accessory that reminds the driver that a safe distance is required. And according to Lilian Cornelli, who wears this jersey every day, the device works. Drivers seem to be deviating from their bikes much more than before and getting past safely.

They imagined a jersey that was adorned with a traffic sign. Photo credit: Securevélo

This jersey is not a device, it could become a real safety element for cyclists. With the various restrictions, but also the many conversion bonuses or repair aids (bicycle push), bicycles are becoming more than popular again. Sharing the road between cyclists and drivers has always been a difficult subject. With the Sécurvélo jersey you can drive more safely and relieve tension between the different parties!

“Why not duplicate these signs on the back of a cycling jersey (…) when the driver thinks about the sign on the side of the road. And when he crosses a cyclist at that moment, he respects the distance. But after a few kilometers he forgets. »Explains the inventor on msn.com.

Equipment for a cyclist already mandatory

On the public service website you can find the list of mandatory equipment for a cyclist. Knowledge :

Two brakes, front and rear reflectors (rear reflectors): red on the rear, white on the front, orange on the sides and on the pedals. A buzzer that can be heard at a distance of at least 50 meters. A yellow or white front light and a red rear light (at night or during the day if visibility is poor) wearing a helmet is compulsory for children under 12, regardless of whether they are drivers or passengers. Wearing a certified reflective vest is compulsory for all cyclists (and their passengers) outside urban areas at night or when visibility is poor Be fitted with retaining straps.

And the recommended equipment:

Wearing a helmet that will reduce the severity of head injuries in an accident. Mirror A hazard distributor that encourages motorists to move away. Wearing light colored clothing or having a time with retroreflective devices.

What if the distributor of danger and the light-colored or reflective clothing are reduced to the Sécurvélo jersey? An additional reminder for motorists as the distance is approximately indicated on the back of the cyclist!

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