Seine-Saint-Denis: a woman in court who ordered the failed murder of her ex-spouse

The essentials She wanted to “relive”, “hold” and put an end to violence: A woman appears on Tuesday with six co-defendants in the Assize court of Seine-Saint-Denis because she tried to murder his ex. Spouse so that he remains disabled for life.

In August 2017, Amandine S. (then 30) and Jimmy C. (37) went for a walk with their 3-year-old son in the woods of Bondy after a dinner in the restaurant. The parents have been separated after a tumultuous relationship since the child was born. At the curve of a path that is difficult to get to because it is under construction, they approach a man in black who is sitting on a bicycle and holding a gun. Jimmy C. has no time to notice that a shot is fired and hits him. The father of the family is fine, but remains paraplegic. He only moves in a wheelchair.

In police custody, after Amandine S. gave various versions, she admitted to being the instigator of a macabre plan patiently woven to eliminate her former companion, who met six years before the facts to ” To be able to live or experience everything in a new way. ”To the investigators, she describes“ violence, a grip ”that is characterized by incessant appeals, surveillance and humiliation.

“From his point of view, it was a question of survival,” confirms Nadia Oukerfellah, his lawyer, and estimates that the trial must investigate the phenomenon of “psychological influence” between the defendants, first of all, “an ordinary young woman” Me Oukerfellah estimates and that Victim. Amandine S. filed four domestic violence handrails in 2016, not to mention two cases of premeditated spouse violence opened in 2014 and 2016.

Coded texts

His former companion is known for drug trafficking and domestic violence. But “the day he got out of prison, he pulled the cars away,” assures his lawyer Me Daphné Pugliesi, who describes a father who is “crazy about his child” and has “lost everything” since the tragedy. The defendant “doesn’t want a father, she wants peace with her son alone,” she adds, denouncing her “defense strategy” which is “an insult to abused women.”

The young mother with no criminal record informed the members of her family about her criminal project. Coded texts with his sister-in-law inquire about the progress of the “work of the bathroom”. Instead of tinkering, it was really about finding a killer and money to fund the job.
Like the shooter, the alleged sponsor appears for attempted assassination. At his side, four friendly and loving men from his family must be responsible for complicity in the attack, while his sister-in-law is released for voluntarily abstaining from preventing a crime.

At the heart of this complicit galaxy are two men: the defendant’s father and brother. During the hearings, they admitted having facilitated the financing of the crime and the search for the henchman through two other intermediaries. This one, Rudy P., who was 26 at the time of the facts, admitted his participation in what he saw as more of a gesture of bravery. “He was told that Ms. S. was in mortal danger, that she was beaten regularly” and “he has a personality that is very easy to influence”, underlines his lawyer Me Sophie Rey-Gascon.

The trial, which is said to take longer than two weeks, is slated to end on April 16.