Separatism: A “false teacher” threatened to catch Valeurs Actuelles and ridicule the magazine on social networks

The basics An internet user managed to catch the weekly newspaper Valeurs contemporaine by posing as a ZEP professor in Strasbourg. In this false testimony, he claimed to have been threatened by Muslim students after studying secularism and the Shoah. The newspaper admitted its mistake and apologized.

The weekly Valeurs Actuelles that an internet user caught due to his journalistic methods. To denounce the alleged lack of verification of information from these media, this man named Malik pretended on Twitter that he was a teacher from Alsace who was allegedly threatened by his students on issues of secularism and Islam.

“In Strasbourg, a teacher’s cry of warning is raging in the face of pressure from the community in his school,” said the Valeurs Actuelles website on Tuesday evening, March 30th. Except that the story was put together from scratch by the person concerned. “With all this false news about Muslims, I told myself that something had to be done to show that we could have a platform if we were to talk,” he said on Twitter.

A very elaborate joke over the phone

To lure the newspaper into the trap, he first published a tweet pretending to be Morad, a French professor of Algerian descent who teaches at the ZEP in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin). To do himself credit, he even changed his Twitter bio. Within a few hours he was contacted by a journalist from Valeurs Actuelles, who offered him an interview.

Okay guys, do you want to know how I got Current Values ​​to pose as a threatened teacher, all with Cheb Khaled and Cheb Hasni? With a small excerpt from my “interview”? Expand u2b07 ufe0f

– Malik Milka (@ abdelmalik92) March 30, 2021

Malik then told the journalist that his students “refuse to speak about secularism and the Shoah in class” and that he received “death threats”. Invented “facts” that would reflect certain elements of the Samuel Paty affair. Malik then continues his fictional scenario by stating that he tried to alert the administration of his school “to no avail”. He sets the standard by claiming that some of his students “reject hydroalcoholic gel because it makes impure”. He even invents a false reason for breaking the silence: the controversy over a project to build a mosque in Strasbourg, very real this.

The newspaper apologizes on Twitter for this “false testimony”

The journalist from Valeurs Actuelles asks him for proof of a threat he has received. To pay even more for his head, Malik scribbled a few Arabic words on a piece of paper: “We are Shab Al Baroud Wa l’carabina” (“We are the men of gunpowder and gun”), which are the words inside a song by Cheb Khaled, singer of the Algerian Raï, who is very much appreciated by Malik. Without prior verification by the school or academy, the newspaper will publish the article at the end of the morning that Tuesday.

Malik will wait until 8:30 p.m. for the article to have lived well all day to denounce the deception on his Twitter account. An hour later, Valeurs Actuelles decided to remove this paper from their website and share a tweet on their official account. “Instead of fighting Islamism, some prefer to lure the media into the trap,” the newspaper replies. To those who giggle: Do you recognize the correspondence with many existing cases? To our readers: We apologize for this misrepresentation Testimony.”

Instead of fighting Islamism, some prefer to try to catch the media. To those who scorn, do they see the correspondence with many existing cases? To our readers, we apologize for this false testimony.

– Current values ​​ن (@values) March 30, 2021