Several French museums do not use Roman numerals

The essentials To simplify their presentation, several French museums, such as those of the Louvre and Carnavalet, have given up Roman numerals, reports Le Figaro.

MDCXXXIV (1634), MMMCDXII BC (- 3412), so many dates in Roman numerals that will soon be disappearing from certain galleries. According to information from Figaro, French museums like the Louvre are giving up this old way of writing numbers. The reason is simple: fewer and fewer people can read it.

For example, the Louvre and now the Carnavalet (city museum of the capital dedicated to the history of Paris) have decided to delete the old numbering, i.e. the Roman numerals, as too many visitors no longer know the reading. In the Carnavalet, “Louis XVI” becomes “Louis 16”. However, the Louvre keeps the name in Roman numerals for kings and queens.

“Offer a course that is accessible to everyone”

“It is assumed that a course will be offered that is accessible to everyone at any time,” says Carine Rolland, Deputy Mayor of Paris, responsible for culture, on Wednesday at the microphone of Europe 1. A decision made “in” for the latter becomes the feeling of a very favorable opening for the future of this museum “(le Carnavalet, editor’s note). Others, like the director of the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rouen, are rather hostile to this decision:” The museum is undoubtedly one of the Places where we can continue to bring them to life and explain them, “he explains.